Angle of Attack for Dummies: Part 1

Take your wingsuit aerodynamics knowledge to the next level with this video tutorial as we dive down the rabbit hole of Angle of Attack. Learn the 2 biggest pitfalls of flying at high AOA, and why they’re so deadly in the Wingsuit BASE arena.



  1. Tom Aiello

    Nice work! Thanks for doing all of this.

  2. Philipp

    Nice slideshow, thank you Richard. Now I understand what Goose said to Maverick when they hunt I think Jester or Viper: “We are flying ballistic man, we will get him now.” 🙂

    Keep it on, your articles are pretty important for any serious Wingsuit BASE Jumper who wants to enhance himself.

  3. Chris

    This is AWESOME – thank you very much!

  4. dennis9

    Some pilots have been known to get a bit testy about their lift being attributed to the Bernoulli effect, and reply “Then how do you suppose we can fly the plane upside down ?”. It looks a bit tricky, but you can adjust the attitude of the aircraft when upside down to give the proper angle of attack to get lift.

  5. Giovani

    Great article ,your hard work is much appreciated. Thank you for all you do.
    Would it be possible in the future for an article on “point of back deflection ” – what it is , how it happens and how to avoid it. Does it happen to all wingsuits , the power of the diving turn etc. I know this has been the cause of a few fatalities and would be of great service to your readers. Ciao

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